A2 Ghee

Shudh Guna Pure Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is magnificent in taste, and 100 percent natural prepared using the traditional methods. Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is prepared on slow-burning cow dung fire. Due to this process, Ghee retains all the essential nutrients and fatty acids. Pure Desi (A2) Ghee by Shudh Guna helps to reduce Cholesterol and increases Fatty Acids.

Desi Gir Cow’s A2 Milk is used to produce Desi (A2), Cow Ghee. Ghee is hand-churned with traditional methods. The cows are treated with proper affection and love. These Desi Cows are fed only natural products free from any chemicals. Shudh Guna never compromises with the quality. Our Desi Cow Ghee is free from chemicals and other harmful synthetic elements. Desi (A2) Cow Ghee by Shudh Guna is healthier and beneficial from any other commercial Ghee available in the market.

Benefits of Pure Desi (A2) Cow Ghee

Effective Digestion

Desi (A2) Cow Ghee improves digestion as it helps in the secretion of healthy stomach acids. Desi Cow Ghee has undoubtedly a high boiling point than vegetable oils; thus, essential nutrients don’t break upon heating.

Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is rich in Anti-Oxidants. It is rich in butyric acid and linoleic acid. Desi (A2) Cow Ghee has anti-cancer properties. Anti-Oxidants present in Ghee strengthens the immune system.

Heals the Body

Cow Ghee is used to relieving skin burns. It is also applied to hair to strengthen them. Desi (A2) Cow Ghee has fantastic moisturizing properties that are beneficial for the skin.

Rich in Energy

Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is the storehouse of energy. As a matter of fact, a single tablespoon of Desi (A2) Cow Ghee has 450 KJ of energy approximately.

a2 ghee

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